Matteo Lavezzini
Owner of Lavezzinifly and professional fly fishing guide.

"My mission is to make people live a beautiful fly fishing experience into the wild, between crystal clear waters and wild fish. In river, lake and tropical saltwater."

Hi, i'm Matteo Lavezzini and i'm in fly fishing world since i was 18. Started fishing for shads in Taro river with the streamer.
Saltwater fish that go up the fresh waters in the breeding season, wonderful fish to approach the fly. Then came trout, chub and finally the great love for grayling fishing. I was taught, and I have increasingly deepened, the technique of nymph fishing in the waters of the Alto Sarca, then I learned the technique of dry fly on the Alto Chiese.
Over the years I have been able to fish from the Apennine streams to the various rivers of the Alps: the Adige, its tributaries of Trentino, the rivers of Lombardia, Veneto, Alto Adige and Friuli.

For fly fishing I also traveled abroad, to try new emotions and experiences that I was able to share with dear friends and people who still today I call "my masters". Came Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden, the tropical sea of Maldives.

In all this, there is a great passion, which then transformed in work, for the fly tying.
It has always fascinated me to be able to tie flies by myself to go fishing: nymphs, dries, wet flies, streamers. It's an infinite world and you never stop learning and experimenting. Synthetic materials blend with natural ones, to give life to more or less realistic imitations, which allow you to catch a fish: fantastic. Tying needs time, calm, passion, patience and practice. There are no tricks, it is handmade craftsmanship. It is an art.

In 2016 the first version of my website was born which was then revolutionized in 2018 in the version you see today and which is constantly updated.
I gone in many fly fishing clubs where I tied and presented my flies. I have also participated in several fairs and events dedicated to fishing.

In March 2019 I opened my shop "Lavezzinifly - Fly Fishing & Outfit" in Bussolengo (VR) Italy, at the foot of the Alps, on the Adige river and a step away from Garda Lake.
Here you can find all my flies, tying materials, equipment and clothing for both fishing and leisure.
In my shop you can find the products of world leader companies in the sector, quality and service first.

My mission is to make people live a beautiful fly fishing experience into the wild, between crystal clear waters and wild fish. In river, lake and tropical saltwater.

I am a professional fishing guide from A.I.GU.P.P.

I have had several experiences over the years, accompanying expert anglers, world athletes, newbies, both Italian and foreign. We can best organize for more day experiences. I guide one or two people at a time, to ensure the maximum of my service.

I also have a YouTube channel, which you can always find under the name “Lavezzinifly”. Here you will find both the video tutorials, to tie my flies step by step, and the very appreciated fishing videos. The channel is always updated and always full of new contents, subscribe to receive the news!

To reach me in store, purchases, guide service, you can find me at the following contacts:

Imessage and Whatsapp: +39 3496854397


Address: Lavezzinifly Via degli Scaligeri 16/B 37012 Bussolengo (VR) Italy