Kupa & Kupica: four day of graylings in Croatia


Kupa & Kupica: four day of graylings in Croatia

It's early June and I get a beautiful call: the friends of "Catch & Release Imola" are going to go fishing in Croatia and invite me to join the cheerful caravan. Already seeing me lost among green valleys and boiling brothels, I do not even let them finish talking that I am already packing my bags.
4 days of beautiful waters between Kupa's springs, its middle course and the Kupica, a delightful little tributary ... Being able to go there, who could say no?

After a trip actually shorter than I expected, we place ourselves in a comfortable hotel and immediately start to run on this border river between Slovenia and Croatia.
Here the grayling is the landlord.
It is found in all sizes and in large quantities, to testify to the good state of health of the river, and it is certainly not a shy fish.

It's dry fly time!

The days began between beige cdc ephemerious and march browns, both on #16, and then continue with CDC emerger, classic arpo, plecoptera and sedges. Fortunately, the weather was favorable and the fishes kept rising until an annoying wind arrived.

Now it's the nymph's turn.

It was New Zealand technique: unique nymph and indicator 60 cm away from it, biostrike paste as indicator and the catches were not lacking. A small purple perdigon on # 18, followed by the more classic pheasent tail and purple sand did a great job.

Of the three spots, the Kupa sources are undoubtedly the most packed with graylings: in a moment of low activity I was able to afford the luxury of counting them out and I could not manage to count them all.
The nicest catch arrived on the Kupica, a small creek that in quantity of fish can not rival with the main course of the Kupa, but if we're talking size, it fears no competitors and is certainly not intimidated.

In addition to the grayling, some rare brown trouts rised up, but above all the spectacular Hucho Hucho on the last day made us drool... Clearly I was not equipped to tackle them, but it is impossible not to try and I have thrown at them some streamer, obviously without success...

With the excellent climate and the luck of not having found many fishermen on the spot, the excellent company has made these 4 days memorable.

I will definitely be back!

Kupa - Grayling


Kupa - Grayling in hand


Kupa - Main river


Kupa - Grayling big boy


Kupa - The happy caravan


Kupa - Big grayling in the net


Kupica - Where the big graylings are


Kupica - The big boy


Kupica - The finn