Norway 2017: river Glomma


Norway 2017: river Glomma

At the beginning of July with friends from Verona and Reggio Emilia, I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time a Scandinavian country: Norway! Landed in Oslo, the dense forest of firs close to the sea and the sun that at 11 pm wasn't set, immediately made me realize that I would have lived a unique experience.

After 5 hours of driving, immersed in the forest, and a few houses here and there, we arrived at Kvennan Camping, on the banks of the river Glomma. We slept for a few hours and then off to the adventure for 6 days! The river looks like a large, flat gully of the valley floor, with no great point of references, and a water that, although crystalline, appears dark, taking the color of the riverbed.

Equipped with an 8,6 #4 and a streamer rod, looking for brown trouts, I've noticed that we were catching grayling on this endless flat of water even fishing almost randomly, without a single point of references!
So, I choose the fly ant on the #16 and the 3rd launch it was already fish on!

The first arctic grayling had risen! It was incredible to me: I thought I would have fished only looking for rising fishes!

After several catches on the first day, once our frenzy had passed, during the sequent days the fishing was practically contour, in the midst of unique landscapes and completely immersed in nature, days with infinite light allowed to fish and take breaks cyclically. The fishing was mainly dry fly, especially between 10am and 3pm, where some hatching stimulated the fish into feeding.

We had also fished during the "coup de soir" or around midnight, even if only once, my friend had thirty catches in less than half an hour! The flies I've used, beside the ant on the #16 - #18, March Brown #16, CFQ, were: a small Stonefly Foam Black on #16, Unweighted Nymph Olive, and a small clear sedge on #14.

Even if the big brown streamer didn't work, we had really made a number of graylings that is enough for a whole year!

I have left a little bit of my heart there!

All the flies for fly fishing Glomma river can be found on the website in the shop section, both within the "Custom Flies" and within the "Kit & Selections Flies" section of the product "Selection Flies Glomma" of which I put the direct link:

Inside this kit you will also find the direct links of the individual flies that make it up.

See you next time :)

Matteo Lavezzini

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