15BNX - Klinkhamer X-treme - 25 pcs.



15BNX - Klinkhamer X-treme - 25 pcs.
  € 6.99

The 15BNX Klinkhamer X-treme hook is a curved hook ideal to tie trout, grayling, chub flies, with which Klinkhammer can be tied, both from hunting flies and for rising flies, but also emerging and wet flies. It can be used with rooster or roe fur to tie dry flies in parachute such as the Klinkhammer in Roe, combining it with foam you can tie stonefly such as the Stonefly Foam Black Roe and extended body patterns such as the Mayfly Foam Roe. Also excellent to tie pupae and emerger flies. Compared to 15BNY, it has a thinner shank and has a barb.

The size #16 is the new #20 and the size #14 is the new #18.

Straight eye.

Black Nickel color.

Pack of 25 pieces.


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