ACS - Attitude Streamer - 15 pcs.



ACS - Attitude Streamer - 15 pcs.
  € 7.99 - € 10.99

The ACS Attitude Streamer hook is a very strong, straight streamer hook with barb and fine shank. Ideal to tie pike, trout and large predators in general. Perfect for bucktail and flash dressing, and long synthetic fibers such as SF Blend. Also great to tie articulated streamers with Leader Wire and Shank, and pairing with Wiggle Tails and Dragon Tails. It can also be used to tie sea flies, and using foam is perfect to tie floating streamers such as frogs, dragonflies and gurglers. Finer line and narrower gap than the CS86X Universal Predator.

Straight eye.

Black Nickel color.

Available sizes #2, #2/0, #4/0.

All sizes: 15 hooks per pack.


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