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Alfa Reel 3+ Midnight Blue
  € 179.00

The perfect reel for classic dry fly fishing but also for the long nymph with strike indicator! Perfect for rods #4 and #5.

Line: #3 / #4 / #5
Width: 36 mm
Diameter: 85 mm
Weight: 158 g

WF3 + 140m 20lb Backing
WF4 + 130m 20lb Backing
WF5 + 115m 20lb Backing

The Alfa reels designed in Finland, have a unique design and a beautiful range of colors available, they are all equipped with a watertight carbon clutch, and with a V-shaped spool that allows a large amount of backing to be contained. Their frame with such wide radiuses, allows a rapid drying of the line and backing, all the reels are obtained from a CNC 6061T6 full aluminum section, worked with numerical control, to guarantee a precise serial production. The range cover all requests of fly anglers: from line #1 to line #12! In addition to the 5+ model (included) up to 12+ they are all treated for saltwater fishing. Warranty coverage for 2 years from the registration date, immediately register your reel on the Alfa Fishing website as soon as you buy it!

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