A.M. - Foam Beetle Orange - #10 A.M. - Foam Beetle Orange - #10 alternate 36780



A.M. - Foam Beetle Orange - #10
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Terrestrial for fly fishing for trout, char, chub. Its dressing makes it highly floating and therefore also excellent for fishing the fastest currents. It is both a hunting fly and at the same time a fly that imitates a large beetle that can fall from the banks or trees close to the water.


Hook: SUD2 - Ideal Standard Dry
Mounting Thread: Standard 6/0 - Black
Body: Foam - Orange
Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs - Black Barred Orange
Indicator: Antron Yarn - Orange
Thorax: Fine Flash Dubbing - Olive
Head: Foam - Orange
Closing Glue: Hard Head Clear
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