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Cone Head Streamer - Pink
  € 4.99

Hook: Streamer D4AY #6
Tail: Fuchsia Marabou / Crystalflash Medium - Fluo Pink
Body: Fine Diamond Dubbing - Bright Pink / Crystalflash Medium - Fluo Pink
Spot: Crystal Cactus 10mm - Black
Head: Tungsten cone 6x4,8 mm silver 10 pcs.
Leader thread: Power Thread - SM

Dressing designed for asp fishing and pikeperch in the great river, but also proved deadly in the lake, stream and chalk stream of trout and brook trout. The peculiarity of this streamer is in its movement to vertical rather than horizontal action, in fact, all the weight is on the front given by the cone, followed by the beautiful rear movement of marabou feathers.

Lenght: 7cm

Weight: 1gr

Upon request I can also make the same artificial in other sizes, for this you can contact me via email at the address .

This fly is tied by Matteo Lavezzini.

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