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Cortland 444 Classic DT5F - Floating
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The Cortland 444 Classic DT5F line is a floating and DT line, that is: Double-Taper that is with the two ends finer and more conical than the central part. This profile allows delicate poses, allows you to create perfect loops and comfortably stretch the leader. It is very soft, it adapts very well to even the coldest waters, and its peach color allows it to be seen very well on the surface of the water. It already has a buttonhole on the leader side, while on the other side it can be tied to the backing through a blood knot and cover with Attack and UV Flex glue. The DT profile makes it perfect for dry fly fishing, but also light streamer, wet fly, and nymph. DT lines are particularly suitable for delicate poses, tight spaces and short casts, while for large spaces and long casts a WF line can be chosen.

Cortland 444 Classic DT5F - Floating - Coldwather fresh - Peach - 27,4 mt

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