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Cortland Finesse Trout II WF5F - Floating
  € 98.99

The Cortland Trout Finesse Trout ll WF5F line is a floating line and WF, that is: Weight-Forward that is with the weight forward to facilitate its exit during the cast, allow you to create perfect loops and comfortably stretch the leader. It is very soft, very comfortable for making mending and it adapts very well to even the coldest waters. It already has buttonholes on both sides: both on the leader side and on the backing side. The main feature of the Finesse Trout II is that it has a much thinner tip towards the leader than a normal WF, and therefore allows long casts at the same time but with more delicate poses. Another specification are the two colors: in the first meters of the WF profile it is dark blue, while on the final part of the running line it is light blue, this allows us to understand where we are in the line during the longer casts. The WF profile makes it perfect for dry fly fishing, but also light streamer, wet fly, and nymph with both paste and buoy indicator. It is a line particularly suitable for long casts and large spaces.

Cortland Finesse Trout II WF5F - Floating - Coldwather fresh - Heron blue/light blue - 27,4 mt

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