Costa - Copra - Copper lenses 580P



Costa - Copra - Copper lenses 580P
  € 240.00

The islanders know how to live sustainably using all that nature gives him, for example coconut exploit every part. The Copra eyewear is inspired by the islanders for which it offers total coverage to the face and has the frame made from the castor plant. Copper lenses are excellent for visible fishing in variable light conditions, excellent for driving and for everyday outdoor activities, high contrast.

Technical features:

Ideal Copper lens in variable light condition

Model M

Heavy duty frame in nylon TR90, coconut fade

Integral hinges

100% protection from UV rays

100% polarization, thus reduces eye stress

Plastic 580P lens, therefore lighter and more resistant to impact

Rigid case supplied

All Costa sunglasses comes standard without the safety retainer, so for those who want it, it is to be ordered separately. Article: Neoprene Retainer

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