Cottarelli Vise Travel Deluxe Standard Cottarelli Vise Travel Deluxe Standard alternate 9969



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Cottarelli Vise Travel Deluxe Standard
  € 336.99

Cottarelli Vises Travel Deluxe are the top for those who tie flies! Made in Italy product, since 2014 only and exclusively I use this vise, changing the various heads according to tying requirements. You can see i use it in all my fly tying videos. Fully articulated and dismountable, foldable to compact it and take it on the road, equipped with allen screw with which you can unscrew and tighten all the screws that compose it, so as to better adjust positions and intensity according to your needs! Integrated instrument holder, adjustable height so that it can be raised up to 3 cm more than the standard position. With medium heads, midge, and streamer, the rotation is in axis. Equipped with an automatic adjustment at will, it has an always constant intensity.

The Travel Deluxe Standard model includes the Standard Fork and the Medium Head.

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