CS51/SEP - Predator Trout - 15 pcs.



CS51/SEP - Predator Trout - 15 pcs.
  € 7.99 - € 12.99

The CS51/SEP Predator Trout hook is a very strong streamer hook, straight and with a long shank. Ideal to tie flies for trout, black bass, asp, pike and predators in general. In the smaller sizes it is perfect to tie both lake and river trout streamers, such as woolly bugger, zonker and marabou streamer. In larger sizes using bucktails, chenilles and synthetic fibers you can tie flies for big trouts, like Flash Fly Streamer Gold, and small pike streamers. Combining it with tungsten cones, eyes both in lead and chain, it is a truly universal hook for any type of streamer. Also excellent with the use of foam to tie gurglers, dragonflies, frogs and mice for fishing in top water for bass, asp, sea bass and all predators that also attack in top water.

Color Black Nickel

Sizes #2/0, #1/0, #1, #2, #4, #6.

All sizes: 15 hooks per pack.


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