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Deer Klinkhammer - Foam White
  € 4.99

Hook: 15BNY Klinkhammer #12
Body: Glitter Thread - Pink / Solarez ULTRA THIN 14gr bottle
Thorax: Fine Diamond Dubbing - Black
Wings/Legs: Roe
Indicator: Foam - White
Leader thread: Standard 8/0 - Black
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

Artificial tied on 15BNY precisely Partridge Klinkhammer, in whom i wanted the greater floatying compared a rooster parachute, using the roe and foam indicator. This fly over what being unsinkable, it has beautiful reflections on the body created from Glitter Thread covered with UV glue, which stimulates the attack of the fish. Ideal for mountain streams, of trouts and brook trouts.

This fly is tied by Matteo Lavezzini.

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