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Deer Sedge - Foam White
  € 6.99

Hook: SUD Patriot Ideal Dry #8
Body: Camel Dubbing - Natural / Foam - Brown
Wings: Roe
Legs: Roe
Indicator: Foam - White
Leader thread: Standard 6/0 - Brown
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

My dry fly for excellence! Imitation of caddis adult stage, but given the optimum size as hunting fly, and especially in all seasons, both of which trout grayling, from large rivers, to chalk stream, to the streams at high altitude. The strengths of this artificial are:

-HIGH FLOATING in fact the foam is as a signaling device, which on the body, combined with roe fur, make this unsinkable fly, and can also be used in fishing in dropper (floats with under a nymph of 3.5!)

-HIGH VISIBILITY I decided to make the same artificial but with the opportunity to have him on the indicator in the foam of different colors that allows you to use the same type of fly is white foam on the water, both in shade, both with the beating sun.

-HIGH STABILITY and GRIP so the legs tying in parachute mean that this artificial once launched in the desired place, there remains the second longer without dredging, which makes a difference on the timing of the fish!

This fly is tied by Matteo Lavezzini.

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