Emerger - Parachute Rooster Quill



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Emerger - Parachute Rooster Quill
  € 3.99

Hook: K4AY-SE Grub Straight-Eye #16
Body: Hand Stripped Quill - Natural / Solarez ULTRA THIN 14gr bottle
Thorax: Camel Dubbing - Natural
Wings/Legs: Tyer's Grade Cape - Grizzly
Indicator: Antron Yarn - Orange
Leader thread: Standard 8/0 - Black
Closing glue: Hard Head Clear

I studied this artificial for those cases where we would like to use the CFQ but the water current does not allow it. So if we have a fishing rise on current, and is eating emergers and refuses ephemerals, we can try this emerging that having the rooster wings mounted parachute allows you to not sink the current and the indicator in orange antron yarn allows us to see her despite the small size. Excellent for trout, grayling and chub.

This fly is tied by Matteo Lavezzini.

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