Heavy Body - Javi Tungsten Slotted - Gold



Heavy Body - Javi Tungsten Slotted - Gold
  € 3.99 - € 5.99

The Tungsten Javi are small conical shapes with a slot to be mounted on hooks grub. Ideal to tie heavy nymphs, both large and small, to tackle large flows of water or deep pools and to enter fishing faster and better. When tying a nymph with a tungsten ball, the weight is only in the ball, because then it is put behind it or thread or dubbing. While with the use of the javi, which has the tapered shape, the weight is also in the middle of the body and not only in the head. So compared to the balls, it allows you to tie on the same size of hook but have practically double the weight. Can be used both for nymphs and perdigons.

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