K12ST - Sedge/Caddis - 25 pcs.



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K12ST - Sedge/Caddis - 25 pcs.
  € 6.99

The K12ST Sedge/Caddis hook is a grub hook, with a long and very sturdy shank, ideal to tie trout, grayling, chub flies, with which sedge, terrestrial, hunting flies, but also nymphs can be tied. It can also be used to tie peeping caddis like the Leaded Peeping Caddis and combine it with tungsten balls to tie nymphs like the classic Nymph Copper John. Combining it with roe deer hair, dubbing, crystalflash and rooster feathers, it is the ideal hook to tie Stimulators.

Straight eye.

Black Nickel color.

Pack of 25 pieces.


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