L.S. - Flash Emerger - #16



L.S. - Flash Emerger - #16
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Emerging for dry fly fishing for trout, grayling, chub. Its dressing makes it work vertically with respect to the surface of the water. That is: the immersed body, the thorax and the rooster parachute trapped between the water and the air, and the SF Blend wings remain out of the water and act as an indicator to see the fly. Excellent for fishing both in hunting and on tack, both on slow and fast waters.


Hook: K4AY-SE - Grub Straight-Eye
Mounting Thread: Standard 8/0 - Olive
Body: Pearl Tinsel Small - Pearl Green
Thorax: Camel Dubbing - Olive
Parachute: Rooster - Grizzly
Wings: Steve Farrar SF Blend - White
Head: Standard 8/0 - Olive
Closing Glue: Hard Head Clear
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