Magic Tool Petitjean - Regular



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Magic Tool Petitjean - Regular
  € 48.99

The Magic Tool is a basic kit for the assembly of the cul de canard and for tie on hole the roe deer, deer and other materials, whether natural or synthetic. The kit consists of two types of pliers, three table tweezers, a complete manual, and 3 wood sticks. The latter indicate an ideal size of synthetic materials (such as Crystal Flash and Angel Hair,) that you intend to use. The Magic Tool is undoubtedly an essential accessory for all fly tyer. The various types of flies are different and difficult (or impossible) materials to mix before the invention of this small tool. It will thus be possible that the models are original and unpublished, even what has never been thought of tying up to now. Mixing natural and synthetic materials, which are rigid or soft, becomes a reality.

Kit Components:

  • 3 table clamps (28, 35 and 45mm)
  • 2 tweezers (45 and 55mm)
  • 3 sticks (10, 12 and 15 mm)
  • User manual
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