Pacchiarini's Wiggle Tails XXL - White (skin) - 6 pcs.



Pacchiarini's Wiggle Tails XXL - White (skin) - 6 pcs.
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The Pacchiarini's Wiggle Tails and Wave Tails are tails for tie streamers, which give an edge to our lures. In fact, these tails make the streamer have much more movement, even when it touches the water, and emits vibrations that stimulate the voracious predators. The range of colors and sizes available makes it possible to create artificial ones for all predators of both freshwater and sea, from the lake to the river. The difference between Wiggle and Wave is in the type of movement they give to the artificial, the Wiggle spread and rotate, which are excellent for a linear movement of the streamer.
While the Wave if mounted in a "flat" direction gives a movement of up and down, while if mounted "on the coast" they cause the streamer to slip sideways.
The material in which they are made is a special fabric called Scale Skin, this means that since they are not made of silicone, these tails can also be used in special areas where the use of artificial silicone is prohibited.The Tails can be applied either by fixing them directly on the shank of the hook near the curvature, or by using the system of Interchangeble Hooks are hooks with an eyelet of which one (open) must be fixed on the shank of the hook near the curvature, and the other (closed) must be fixed on the tail, with this system it is possible to change quickly colors and measures of tails on the same streamer.
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