Predator Shank



Predator Shank
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The Predator Shank is a very strong double thread shank. Ideal to tie articulated streamers where you want to use a single hook, or to connect two hooks or between two other shanks. Perfect for pairing with Predator series hooks such as CS51/SEP Predator Trout, CS86X Universal Predator and ACS Attitude Streamer. In the largest size it is perfect for pike flies, while in the medium and small it is also excellent to tie trout streamers, such as the Streamer Articulated Wiggle Red Black Yellow, and predators in general. The safest way to close them is with the Power Thread, and then a coating in Attack or UV Glue. Once closed you can tie on any material, just like the shank of a hook (zonker, chenille, synthetic fibers, craft fur, bucktail). And also attach Sculpin Head, lead or chain eyes, or Shrimp & Cray Tail to tie articulated shrimps.

Stainless Steel with Straight-Eye.

Available in sizes 15, 25, 35 mm.

20 Shanks per packet.


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