SLJ - Wide Gape Jig - 25 pcs.



SLJ - Wide Gape Jig - 25 pcs.
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The SLJ Wide Gape Jig hook is a very robust jig hook ideal to tie trout, barbel, carp, grayling, chub flies, with which nymphs and perdigons can be tied. By combining it with tungsten balls it is designed to tie flies that work reverse with less risk of running aground on the bottom. It has a shorter shank and a wider gape than the SUJ, and the curved tip guarantees excellent grip. Ideal for those who tie competition nymphs. You can use it to tie classic pheasant nymphs, copper nymphs, you can tie simpler nymphs with the only use of dubbing such as the Nymph M.N. Special Grayling. By combining it with Glitter Thread, Micro Floss, Quill, Coq de Leon and UV glues, various types of perdigon can be tied.

Axis jig eye.

Black Nickel color.

Pack of 25 pieces.


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