SUD Ideal Standard Dry - 25 pcs.



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SUD Ideal Standard Dry - 25 pcs.
  € 6.99

The SUD is a straight hook ideal to tie dry flies for trout, char, grayling and chub. Perfect to be combined with natural materials such as roe fur, cdc, rooster feathers, hen, and also synthetic materials such as dubbing and foam. Available only in sizes #8 and #20. On measure #8 you can tie large hunting flies such as the Deer Sedge, or terrestrial flies such as the Chernobyl Ant and the Grasshopper. While size #20 is perfect for small ephemerals and flies such as the Arpo. For other sizes, SUD2 is indicated, which is equipped with a more robust wire (available in all sizes from #18 to #10).

Down eye.

Black Nickel color.

Pack of 25 pieces.


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