Synthetic Biot Tapered - Yellow



Synthetic Biot Tapered - Yellow
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New Textreme Synthetic Biot Tapered is an exceptional product for tying bodies of nymphs, perdigones, wet, and dry flies. It is always advisable to cover it with a light layer of uv glue to reinforce it against the teeth of the trout. The folder has 10 strips but in reality they are 20 biot, in fact having a triangle shape (from thin to thick) each rectangular strip is composed of two triangular strips. On the side where it is attached to the folder, it is slightly adhesive, which makes it easier for us to tie it at every turn on the hook. It is also slightly transparent so you can create different effects by changing the color of the mounting thread with which we are going to make the sub-body.

Package containing 20 triangular strips.
The ten pack strips are triangular cut, separate them with attention.

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