Ultra 3D Epoxy Eyes - Red - 9mm - 20 pz.



Ultra 3D Epoxy Eyes - Red - 9mm - 20 pz.
  € 4.99

The 3D Epoxy Eyes are eyes with triangular pupil ideal to give a captivating look at Pike and Salt water streamers.

The eyes are made by the most modern technology from the special resin of the excellent quality, which includes especially:

  • UV radiation resistance ( no getting yellow and colour stability supporting)
  • long time elasticity ( scratching and cracking by stroke resistance)
  • high transparency ( against usually used resins on the polyester base our ones reach higher “3D” effect)
  • the hygienic unexceptionableness

The most of the 3D Epoxy Eyes are the original models, which SYBAI tackle is the only producer.

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